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July 2022 | Darlene W.

Are you concerned about your Lab Results and the reports from your doctor about your health?  Or are you weary of your doctor continuously prescribing new medications to your never ending list?  Are you ready to take control of and be accountable for your own health, and are you willing to make a lifestyle change to your current way of eating (woe)?  

Our Story:  My spouse was diagnosed as a pre-diabetic (Type 2), hypertensive, and with high cholesterol.  He was prescribed so many different medications by his doctor and finally decided that enough was enough!  I, too, was diagnosed with high cholesterol.  We finally realized and decided that we needed to make some drastic, but fairly simple changes in our lives as soon as possible if we intended to enjoy our remaining years in relative good health.  So, we took the leap and made the necessary changes over six months ago, and we have no intentions of ever going back to the way we were….overweight, constantly tired, irritable, and just overall frustrated with it all.   My spouse has, in the last six months, been able to drop two of his medications, and his AIC is now within the normal range.  He continues to be on the blood pressure medication, but will soon be dropping that one as well, with his Doctor's blessings.  My doctor, after reviewing my recent lab work, just gave me a good report, stating that I am more healthy now than I was two years ago.  Needless to say, it was such a blessing to hear those words coming from her. 

Allow us to help you to make lifestyle changes within your own life.  We’re here to assist you in your endeavors to a more fulfilling life. To reach out to us regarding questions you may have or to hear about our recommendations for bettering your health, send us a message via our Contact Us link in our Information section down below.

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